Video credit: JR "TheLegend"


After exploring various sites said to be part of Chester’s secret underground passage ways, Rebecca Yamin joined Chester Made historians and residents for an enthusiastic presentation of Archaeology and Identity: Connecting People and Things.


Then on Saturday, a small group of participants shared stories and connected over objects that hold significant meaning in their lives. With Rebecca's historical insight, we recognized how these object truly connect us to the past and how together these artifacts and our stories create a profile of the community not clouded in myth.


Deborah Montgomery with her glass Clorox bottle that holds many important memories from her childhood.


Twyla Simpkins with just a small sample of the collection she maintains at the Yes Center. Ms. Simpkins dedicates her life to preserving Chester history and sharing significant stories behind each piece in her collection to help others connect with their community’s history


JR the Legend with his first camcorder which he keeps close to remind him of what inspired him to work in film.

We discovered realities like hidden figures in history who inspired the work of many Chester leaders today, and connections were made between the past and present efforts to change Chester’s narrative and revalue each person’s role in telling their cities story.

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