We caught up with three of the past Chester Made Artist Residents whose programs were cut short in early 2020 due to the pandemic. Tune in to their reunion video below to hear from artists Mama Misty Sol, Sistah Mafalda and Marcy Morris about how they’ve continued to remain creative and connected to the City of Chester following their residencies.

Check out this throwback to the 3 M’s #MotivationMonday podcast from 2020, and stay connected to these incredible artists:

Marcy--IG @marcymorrisartistry; marcy@marcymorris.com

Misty--IG @mamamistysol; mamamistysol@gmail.com

Mafalda--FB @Mafalda Thomas Bouzy; mafaldatdance@gmail.com

More from the Artist Residents

Sistah Mafalda brought the Moko Jumbie experience to the 2022 Junteenth Celebration at Chester Park. She was joined by her protégé Khaneea (aka Mutters) who helped lead the stilt walking workshop, as well as Eric Djembe who led a drumming and sugar cane cutting workshop.

Sistah Mafalda says she'll one day pass the crown to her protégé, Mutters, who is training to be the next Moko Jumbie Stilt Model, Walker and Performer.

Marcy Morris continues to be inspired by Chester community leaders and brings that inspiration to life at her new art gallery and creative space: 1040 Creative Gallery in Northern Liberties.

While plans change, opportunities to remain creative are always present. Marcy says, "I plan to continue to create paintings that highlight artists, business entrepreneurs, leaders, and students in Chester."

Misty Sol spent the summer immersed in wellness, art, and literature. Her non profit project Tiny Farm Wagon led seed planting and collage making activities for the Barnes Foundations Juneteenth festival, the project also created a four week intergenerational arts and wellness program.

As for her personal art practice, she recently created the cover art for local poet nikkipowerhouse.com. Misty's paintings are currently on display at the Philadelphia Airport by way of the Colored Girls Museum. You can also find her paintings on the set of All Rise Season 3 currently streaming on Amazon. You can find her work at www.mistysol.com.