More than a half dozen masks were created, and the series was expanded to include a variety of reclaimed materials to make masks, sculptures, paintings, and lighting fixtures, as well as to explore how artists can market and sell their creations built in the makerspace. Sixty-seven individuals participated in the series and had the opportunity to display their works and auction them in MJ Freed Theater and Abstract Gallery Space during our Broken Pieces Exhibit and Art Auction.

Debbie With Art Work

Debbie Montgomery, a Chester Made workshop regular, shows off her fine arts, mixed-media sculpture made from what were once broken pieces and are now a beautiful representation of the joy and light she brings to everything she does in her community. Title: Light Man

Workshop participants express themselves on canvas during the third of five Broken Pieces workshops. Before getting their hands on the paint brushes, they talked about marketing their art and how to look at value and reclaiming what is considered “fine art.”

Group Painting at MJ Freed Theater
Kids And Light in the Makerspace

Two younger participants worked one on one with Devon to turn an old metal object into an illuminated work of art which was then displayed at our Broken Pieces Exhibit and Art Auction. 

Some participants have commented, saying, “Wow, I can cut wires and put them together for a lamp. I was afraid to do that before today.”; “My favorite part is that we were creating something really useful.  We made lamps that work!”; and, “What I liked best is the social atmosphere and that we were thinking creatively.”

Broken Pieces continued with a 2018 Summer Series with the support of Wells Fargo.