Over fall and winter 2016-17, we hosted a program called #TheBuild in the Exploration Zone. And, after months of designing, creating, and building,  we officially launched the Chester Made Exploration Zone in March 2017 and unveiled the new pop-up makerspace that has served as the hub of Chester Made programming and workshops! 

Two guys put up support beams on a Makerspace wall

“This space is important because it’s been a place for people of all ages throughout the community, and even outside the community of Chester, to come here and learn skills and meet people to try to continue this work we’re all doing in the city.” —Chester artist and gallery owner John Bush

Connie uses a nail gun to put together a structure in the Makerspace

“I’m from Chester, I was born here, and we don’t really have those classes to learn how to make our own stuff, so this is a good space to learn those skills and come with ideas that you can bring to life. For example, building a picture frame, I could use that, I’m a photographer, so I see us learning things that you wouldn’t think that you need to know, but you do need to know.” –JR the Legend


Learning the skills to build tangible things turns into the ability to build a strong community. Residents work together on projects for their homes, streets, parks and more.

young builder hammer nails in a Makerspace wall

Every person who enters the Chester Made Makerspace—whether for a program, meeting, or just stepping in to see the space—leaves with new ideas for building skills and creating new experiences in the city of Chester.