Chester Made is joining up with Twyla "Ms. T" Simpkins and the YES Center to collect stories on the important legacy and ongoing influence of Chester’s own Ruth L. Bennett!  One hundred years ago, Ruth Bennett took on the cause to improve the quality of life among black residents of this city and her work continues to inspire activists, organizers, social workers, and community advocates – especially women and girls. Acknowledging her past achievements and her legacy is important to today's efforts to rebuild Chester and the ongoing struggle for racial justice.

To that end, we are calling on the people of Chester to share their stories of Ruth Bennett and her many achievements – founder of the Ruth L. Bennett Home for Women & Girls and the Wilson Nursery, originator of the Chester NAACP, president of Pennsylvania Federation of Black Women’s Clubs, supporter of the Tent Sisters, and namesake for the Bennett Homes and the Bennett Community Farm.

  • Do you have stories passed down from elders?
  • Childhood memories of participating in any programs founded by or named after her?
  • Are you a community organizer or activist inspired by her dedication to improving Chester?
  • Any old photographs or flyers you'd like to show us?

We’d like to hear from you! And please do share this Call for Stories with your friends, family members and co-workers. Send us a quick email here. (;;