Twyla’s Chester Story

Twyla's Chester Story Twyla "Ms. T" Simpkins is the founder and director of The Yes We Can Achievement & Cultural Center, and has led numerous Chester Made

Jean-Pierre’s Chester Story

Jean-Pierre's Chester Story Jean-Pierre founded with the intent of being a strong and positive voice of his city. Joining the Chester Made Digital Story advisory board

Amanda’s Chester Story

Amanda's Chester Story Amanda Johnson of Visions Video Pro has helped document numerous Chester Made discussions and programs, including the well-attested Illuminate Chester Series. Now she tells

Stefan’s Chester Story

Stefan's Chester Story In his Chester Matters Blog, local journalist Stefan Roots brings us the latest and greatest in Chester news, including coverage of many Chester

Chester Grows Me

"Chester Grows Me" by Misty Sol Misty Sol is a long time Chester Made advisor who most recently was part of the first cohort of Chester

The Beginning of Chester Made

Chester Chester is the oldest city in Pennsylvania, the site of William Penn’s landing. Historically known for its industries, the slogan “What Chester Makes, Makes Chester”

Stories Make Chester

Storytelling is, has been, and always will be the heart of the Chester Made project. Since its earliest days, Chester Made has used storytelling as

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